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Divorce, Child Custody/Support, and all Family Law (including Wills, Trusts & Estates)

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

● Small/Closely-held Business, Tax & Executive Consulting

● Commercial Disputes, Contracts, Agreements, Transactions & Workouts

● Professionals' Defense of Disciplinary & License Application/Revocation/Suspension Actions -- for: Doctors/Physicians, Lawyers/Attorneys, Nurses, Dentists, Insurance Stock and Real Estate Brokers and Agents, Truck Drivers & Trucking Companies, Teachers, daycare operations, Liquor licenses & TABC, bar tenders, bars & restaurants, plumbers, electricians, all professionals and businesses requiring licensing or facing administrative law and regulation.


Malloy Firm History & General Services Profile:


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            The Malloy Law Firm is a constantly evolving, low profile, predominately trial-law firm, active in all areas of trial law, including, for example, general civil litigation, both prosecution and defense of Personal Injury & Wrongful Death case claims, Divorce, Child Custody/Support and all other Family law, all Criminal Defense matters, small business disputes and controversies in Taxation.


            Initially spawned from a primarily criminal defense and small business/tax law based practice, the Malloy Firm law practice has continually expanded through the last 14 years into a broad-spectrum trial law and controversy resolution and avoidance based practice, with substantive law trial practice areas now ranging from Criminal Defense to commercial dispute litigation, to Personal Injury claims,  to Tax Law issues, to contested and complex Probate, Divorce and Custody issues, as well as all Family law and small, closely held and family Business matters. The Malloy Firm should be your choice as Your Family's attorney for all your legal needs.


            The Malloy Firm's founder, Charles Foster Malloy, started his own law practice from day-one, in 1991, when he was first licensed as an attorney in Texas. Even prior to that, in 1989, he tried his first jury trial as a licensed student-attorney, while still attending law school at Southern Methodist University ("SMU"). At the same time, he received the "AmJur" Scholarship Award for achieving the highest score in Corporate Taxation. After law school, Mr. Malloy furthered his law school education by attending SMU's law school L.L.M.-Taxation program, completing 22 additional hours in that post law school graduate/masters in taxation course work.


            The law firm first opened its doors to private law practice in January, 1991, by adding legal services to Mr. Malloy's already existing executive and business consulting practice. Having formerly been a certified public accountant and business consultant, working in both public and private accounting and executive consulting, for both small businesses as well as with large, publicly traded concerns, taxation and business law issues were natural subjects of early law practice areas-of-development, for the then still young Mr. Malloy. Criminal defense trial law, too, was a natural practice area upon which a young lawyer and firm should be built, and from which it would grow to its present state.


            Today, the Malloy Firm and its founder have soundly matured and weathered into an experienced, reliable, battle-tested full service legal services and executive consulting concern, with continuing primary emphasis on broad-based trial law and executive consulting. With the passage of time, experience and growth in a client base -mostly individuals and small businesses -- the historically rooted criminal law and small business/tax practice has continually progressed, more and more, into an active overall trial and conflict resolution/avoidance oriented law practice, irrespective of underlying subject matter.


            Starting within only a few short years from practice inception, and continuing to this date, Mr. Malloy's renowned skills as an effective trial lawyer, coupled with his favorable reputation for personal and professional integrity, and his invaluable business background and experience with complex issues, all has combined to ever-increasingly attract client referrals and invited joint associations by other attorneys seeking the assistance of the unusually diverse trial lawyer / business lawyer / criminal lawyer combined-skill-set for important cases and issues affecting their clients. These other outside lawyers and law firms make these associations and referrals to the Malloy Firm because they trust Mr. Malloy and his firm to provide quality legal services, advise and representation, while at all times respecting and protecting the other lawyers' interests in their pre-existing relationships with the mutual clients.


            Further, many Malloy Firm clients are themselves, lawyers, who selected the Malloy Firm for their own personal legal representation needs because of their confirmed, experience-based faith in the judgment, skills, knowledge, know-how and integrity of Charles Foster Malloy and the Malloy Firm.


            With growing fiduciary responsibilities and correlative exposure to potential civil and criminal liability, today's executives absolutely require continuous, ready-access to attorneys and other business consulting professionals who can view their particular circumstance and advise them from the broadest perspective possible for purposes of evaluating potential exposure to personal and entity liability, as balanced against the contemplated subject-activity's underlying purpose, goals and objectives. These legal and business professionals must also be capable of personally understanding and communicating to others, effectively, on the level of fine, complex details. The Malloy Firm offers these broad range capabilities.


            Increasingly, in all their dealings, today's businesses and other private organizations must effectively navigate in a potentially hazardous mix of waters, being always attuned to, mindful of and sensitive about local, regional and national political issues, various prosecutorial interests' historical and contemporary trends and mindsets, and conflicting (as well as potentially collaborative) third party interests and concerns, in addition to the more apparent joint or adverse party interest's concerns more immediately at hand. The Malloy Firm offers all these important attributes, capabilities and services to its clients and associating/referring law firms.


            Attorneys active in many diverse particular practice areas frequently call on Attorney Charles Foster Malloy when its time to "tell it to the jury." Likewise, they also value the same Malloy Firm perspectives when contemplating prospective transactions, actions or activities, in calculated effort to avoid conflict, controversy and the inside of a courtroom altogether, from beginning to end.


            Battle-tested, Broad-based Experience, Proven Judgment, Knowledge and Know-how, Solid Personal and Professional Integrity, Trust, Recognized effective Advocacy Skills and Conflict/Controversy avoidance insights, Established Track Record of Positive Results: these are all reasons why so many other attorneys turn to Charles Foster Malloy and the Malloy Firm to associate, refer to or hire for important legal advise and representation.


            If other members of the same (law) profession trust and turn to Charles Foster Malloy and the Malloy Firm with their clients' and their own legal issues, then, ... shouldn't you?


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